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Your full service Asia Pacific Manufacturing Partner. We offer multi-industry sourcing services to startups, medium to large retailers and wholesalers that are seeking quality-assured products and sourcing strategies from Asia-Pacific.

Who we are & what we do

We bring to our clients a wealth of knowledge about operating in Asia. This includes both strategic and operational advice and tangible solutions to maximise value direct through to our clients’ bottom line, whilst mitigating the inherent risk of outsource manufacturing.


Dragon King Co offers a range of different business models to define the relationship with our suppliers and customers.


As Agents for our customers we fulfil the traditional sourcing role for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and other categories across our range.


As a Wholesaler, Dragon King Co assumes all procurement responsibilities right up to the point where ordered goods are delivered to our customers. This is a full-service delivery model where Dragon King Co contracts with suppliers and manages all distribution, storage, insurance and freight forwarding processes.


As Supplier, Dragon King Co will manage the product development cycle, component and factory sourcing, manufacture and quality assurance. Delivery, freight-forwarding and customs clearance are managed by the customer.

1997 - Nude Lingerie

Our first business starts manufacturing and wholesaling in Australia, specialising in lingerie and Intimates under our own brand.

2000 - Contract Manufacturing

We start developing & manufacturing bras and lingerie for other brands, like Alannah Hill at Factory X.

2000 - First visits to China

We commence our exposure to Offshore manufacturing in Asia, visiting suppliers, factories and mill in Hong Kong & China.

2002 - Move to China

Jason moves to China for the first time mid-2002 to live and work in a large factory in Dongguan.

2004 - Rename Thinksideways

As our business activities expands beyond lingeire and our brand, we rename the business Thinksideways for our all-round creative services.

2005 - Manufacture for DDS

Start developing and manufacturing product for Major Australian retailers and Discount Department Stores. Target, Myer, Kmart, Big W, The Warehouse, etc.

2008 - Bangladesh & Beyond

First trips to Bangladesh and other Asia Pacific countries for Manufacturing and business development.

2012 - Incorporate in Hong Kong

Now based between Hong Kong & Shanghai, traveling throughout the region working on large scale manufacturing. We establish our company in HK, with offices in Sheung Wan.

2015 - Consulting & Contracts

As well as development, manufacture and supply of a wide range of consumer goods. We now start to consult on Asia focused Supply and Operational projects. Including setting up a new Office for Bras'n'Things in HK and several other supply chain improvements.

2016 - Building Clients

We continue to build our client base in Australia & Globally, now supplying a wide range of consumer goods, with a growing number of start-up & eccom business seeking us out as their manufacturing partner.

2020 - Covid Pivot

As with most manufacturers & suppliers in Asia we also help meet global demand for Covid related products our clients needed. Using our sourcing skills to facilitate TGA approved PPE & testing kits into Australia.

2022 - New Asia Team

With global travel restrictions, supply chain & logistics issue dominating the the market , we are now building our regional team to ensure we can continue to grow and offer premium service & quality product

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Our Team

Jason Reason

Director, Operations and Supply Chain.

Australia & Global

Adam Reason

Director, Special Projects

Melbourne, Australia


Commercial Advisory Consultant

New York, USA.


South Asia Operations Director

Dhaka, Bangladesh


Sourcing Manager, Sth China.

Dongguan, China


Sourcing Manager, Nth China.

Nantong, China



Bangkok, Thailand


Asia Logistics & Freight

Shenzhen, CHina



Dongguan, China

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